Current Capabilities

BIRD Aviation Maintenance provides our customers with:

  • day-to-day maintenance support
  • scheduled inspections
  • C Checks
  • defect rectification
  • Service Bulletins (SB) and Airworthiness Directives (AD) compliance
  • component changes
  • APU
  • engines and landing gear
  • cabin reconfiguration
  • short and long term storage / parking
  • support equipment you would expect to find in an MRO.

In AOG situations out of our base, BIRD Aviation can provide defect rectification upon request. By performing Line Maintenance under a state of the art hangar, we provide our clients with a sense of security.


With numerous certified workshops for sheet-metal, composite, interior repair and other aircraft components on site, BIRD Aviation Ltd. offers competitive man-hour rates and realistic downtime estimates.

  • Borescope
  • Battery shop
  • Chair shop
  • Sheet Metal shop
  • Composite Repairs (in partnership with IMT)
  • Paint Facility (painting flaps slats fairings)
  • NDT (in progress)

The company is certified to perform maintenance on SAFT Batteries for A320 family. Our battery workshop offers complete overhaul of our customers’ batteries, plus periodical and regular checks, repair and AOG service.

Currently under development, we have a comprehensive array of maintenance services and workshops, and we will shortly take responsibility as the CAMO in a joint venture with a local airline and will expand this capability to include other operators or transitional aircraft between operators.

We have the ability and good working relationships to partner with Part 21 organisations and parts suppliers to provide turnkey solutions for aircraft reconfigurations and modifications.

We are EASA and Bermudan approved and will add further approvals as the market dictates. At the heart of our culture is quality, with a balanced team comprising of very experienced B1 and B2 engineers. We have technicians studying to get their licences and experienced tradesmen, combined with customer focused flexibility to deliver the aircraft on time and provide solutions regardless of the challenge that we are tasked with.

In the near future we plan to add various workshops including wheels and brakes and interior repair. All these additional workshops will support our inputs and combined with a very competitive man hour rate, makes us an attractive option.